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Tourdates Postponed 

It’s not without ample remorse and apology that we must announce the postponement of our upcoming tour dates. 

It’s also not without long and arduous consideration that this decision was made- but before we address those reasons we would like to first acknowledge and empathize with the feelings that you as a fan are likely being met with at this moment. 

We know the disappointment that you must feel in hearing this announcement because we as a band have experienced a great deal of it ourselves in having to both construct and deliver it. 

That being understood, we want to punctuate the fact that no one wants to be on the road again more than us. 

After nearly one whole decade of dormancy, the prospect of getting back on stage and intimating once again with our fanbase has been a horizon we’ve clung to throughout the darkest doldrums of this pandemic. 

But despite what we may want personally, there is a responsibility to you, our collective and much-loved fanbase, that is greater than those desires. 

The fact of the matter is- while we fully believe we are inching ever closer towards endemicity, there are still challenges that the exhausting concept that is this pandemic still presents. The most direct challenge presented to this tour- attendance. 

While many of you are able, willing, and equipped to navigate the risks of coming to a live performance, it’s come to our attention that there are still a considerable number of you that are either not comfortable with (or in many cases) able to do so yet. While we want to honor and give our due gratitude to those planning to attend, we also need to consider those who aren't able to. 

It’s been many a long, absent season since we’ve played live, much less many of these places that we are set to visit. We want full rooms each night. We want you in our faces and we want to pull you up on stage so that you can jump headfirst into oblivion. We want a pit there to catch you. We want to take photos with you cheek to cheek and not at arm’s length. 

We have intimate VIP sessions planned that we want to execute fully to that definition. We want EVERYONE who wants to be there up there with us when we pass through town. 

That is why we have chosen to do this, and we hope you will understand if only in time. As such, we are fully aware that not everyone will share our perspective and that some degree of bitterness and disenchantment will surely leave its mark with some. 

But- knowing you as we have been fortunate to know you over the decades of getting to know you, we are confident that in your heart of collective hearts the majority of you will understand and furthermore come to appreciate the greater level of communion that this decision will bring in the long run. 

Rest assured, we will erase all of these setbacks with every drop of blood, sweat, and promise available for us to give and we WILL return to the stage and to your town. We didn’t come back for nothin'. When the time is right we can and will all celebrate this return the way it was meant to be celebrated. 

Refunds will be processed over the course of the following days/weeks. If you have questions regarding them please contact your ticket issuer and/or the venue you'd planned to attend. We don't have information on refunds or when they go out. We just know that they do and will. We'll plan new dates as soon as possible. 





Behold! After a torturous amount of pandemic-induced delays, we are pleased to announce that Blitzkid’s ESCAPE THE GRAVE tour will be hitting the road in Feb. 2022! 

Although our original plan was to embark in the fall, we ultimately chose to kick things off a bit later as doing so allowed us to add more cities and shows to the tour.  

Tourdates are listed above- and both general admission- as well as VIP tickets (limited to 50 per show), go on sale 06/18/21 at 10:00 am (local times). 


In some cases, a few of the venues have changed, and a couple of the dates and cities have moved around a bit. Despite these changes, most of the new shows are being handled by the original promoters. If you already bought GA or VIP tickets- they will be honored.  In the few cases that this doesn’t apply- a refund will be offered so you can purchase new tickets.   

As of last March, many of the shows were already inching towards sold-out status, and in some cases, VIP packages are already sold out.  So make some moves on Friday, and don’t deny us the opportunity to see/hear as many of you as we can out there!  

It's been a brutal year with zero live music experiences, and we want nothing more than to see each of these rooms packed to capacity and roaring with life each night.    

Huge thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding as we worked through the setbacks.  Your support and belief in our music mean everything to us, and we can’t wait to finally share it with you live and loud!  Go get your dancin’ shoes on and SELL. THIS. MOTHER. OUT.   Long Live the Horror! 

From the Depths, 

Argyle Goolsby & TB Monstrosity 


*To everyone attending our Philly show- IT IS STILL ON. The date is most likely changing to be towards the end of the tour, but hang tight for now, and we will announce that date and ticket links as soon as we have confirmation from the venue




We're excited to announce that despite the ongoing Covid saga forcing us to reschedule our fall tour plans, Blitzkid will assemble next month to record "ALL HALLOW'S STRE'EM"- a full live set at The historic Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum which we will broadcast/streem live on Halloween night!  

The event will open with a virtual tour of the Witch's Dungeon itself, where an in house guide will lead you past over 20 lifesize horror movie figures plus memorabilia that includes original parts of the Creature from the Black Lagoon suit, one of three existing rings actually worn by Bela Lugosi in Dracula and many more original movie props such as the screen used golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark.   

The tour concludes with the scariest exhibit of them all- US!  From here we will blister through over one solid hour of classic Blitzkid tunes with maybe even a few seasonal covers thrown in the mix.   

Tickets go on sale 8/24/20 at 3pm EST (((HERE))).

Tickets will be in the form of unique access codes that allows you to view the event Halloween night.  The show (beginning with the tour) will kick off at 9pm EST- but if you can't catch it then, no worries- the codes are good for 24 hours (so until 9pm EST the next night).   

Goolsby will also be premiering "Nosferatu- A Cinematic Seance" (1922's Nosferatu containing his newly composed score) on the same platform earlier the very same evening so if you wanna make  

a solid evening out of it, pick up a ticket for that screening, too!  Tickets for this event will go on sale at the same time at tickets for "ALL HALLOW'S STRE'EM" go up next week.   

Directly after the screening, links to purchase the dvd/cd combo of the film/score will be made available for the first time anywhere.   

We're super bummed that we cant see your ghoulish faces in person this Hallowe'en, but we look forward to sharing it with you in spirit (no pun intended).  It's not every year that Hallowe'en falls on a Saturday, same night daylight savings time and a full moon! We'll be howling at it with you soon.       


See ya in the dungeon!


Escape the Grave Tour Rescheduled for MAY 2021 

Due to ongoing complications related to all things Coronavirus, the Blitzkid tour scheduled to begin next month is being moved to May 2021. We’re sorry it has to get pushed back yet again, but with state to state variances regarding policies towards allowing live music (as well as mounting travel restrictions)-the coordination of a cohesive month long US tour is impossible to arrange at the moment. We will still be playing the same cities/markets in May so if you’ve already bought a ticket or a VIP ticket those will be still be honored for the new dates. We’ll have more info regarding the new dates soon and we will update you guys accordingly. Thanks so much for being patient with his and understanding that we are doing all we can to get out there to see you as soon as possible. In the meantime take care and long live the horror!

Blitzkid Escape The Grave tour RESCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 


We’re sorry to announce that due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, and moreover the growing restrictions placed by the federal government upon events and gatherings, Blitzkid are left with no choice but to reschedule our Escape The Grave Tour dates which were scheduled to begin next month. 

BUT FEAR NOT, TRUE BELIEVERS! We have already begun the process of moving the entire tour into the fall, and most of the dates are near confirmed! As it stands, very little will change in relation to our routing and the cities/venues in which we were scheduled to appear. 

We are also extending the tour to now include dates in the Pacific Northwest! 

We hope to have the rescheduled dates ready to announce within the next 2 weeks, but hopefully sooner. 

All existing ticket and VIP holders will be honored so hang onto them! 

We’re really sorry to have to postpone like this. We held out as long as we could- but even if federal mandates were not preventing us from giving it a shot, we could not in good conscience risk exposing our fans and friends to any potential harm. And if catching Blitzkid on a cool autumn night isn’t already a step up, wait until you see the rad hoodies we can now bring! 

For now- be safe out there. Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Be mindful, and rest assured you will be seeing us sooner than you think.


From the Depths, 

Argyle Goolsby & TB Monstrosity

Argyle Goolsby NOSFERATU PREMIERE 05/29/20 

Join Argyle Goolsby and film historian Cortlandt Hull as 
 they premiere "Nosferatu: A Cinematic Séance" at Teaneck Cinemas in Fort Lee, NJ. 

  This screening of FW Murnau's seminal 1922 horror classic- (transferred directly from Hull's 16mm. Museum of Modern Art archive print) will be presented with a newly composed musical score and titlecard artwork by Argyle Goolsby.  

Guests will be treated to a pre screening presentation by both Hull and Goolsby whereupon a general overview of the film's history (as well as more specific points relating to the duo's recent transfer/scoring process) will be discoursed.  An audience Q&A will follow the presentation.   

A select group of Hull's hand crafted, life-sized monsters 
(including Count Orlok himself) will be transported from their residency at his historic Witch's Dungeon Museum and made available for free photo ops to all attending guests.   

Alongside a line of exclusive event merchandise (including a commemorative t shirt, posters and more) the film itself will be released on DVD format which will also include a bonus audio CD of Goolsby's musical score.   

There's even rumor that a certain...special guest may show up. 

Tickets are on sale NOW at

Admission is limited to 100 seats so act fast and 
join us as we channel the shadowy spirit of this timeless classic....(and perhaps something else) from the silver screen! 


After eight years of suspended animation, BLITZKID are poised to pry back the casket lid and escape the grave for a limited run of spring 2020 tour dates.  The ghoulish troupe are primed to play a string of exclusive performances across the US before slipping back into their shadowy sleep.  General Admission tickets along with limited meet and greet options (which include early entry, exclusive merchandise and a pre show acoustic performance) will be available JANUARY 17th via all ticket links provided at    See you soon!

Argyle Goolsby guest appearance at The Witch's Dungeon 

Argyle Goolsby will be a making a special guest appearance at THE WITCH'S DUNGEON in Bristol, CT. on Fri. Oct. 25th.

The historic Witch's Dungeon opened in Bristol, Connecticut in 1966 as a tribute to the actors & effects artists who have given us a legacy of classic fantasy films. The Witch's Dungeon features highly accurate life size figures based on the classic films of Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price and others from the golden age of horror & sci-fi cinema- all created and assembled by Cortlandt Hull, nephew of Henry Hull- (aka- Universal's Werewolf of London). The museum is considered the longest running exhibit of its kind in the country. 

Housed therein is everything from the original golden idol in the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, to the original spinning prop head of Linda Blair from the Exorcist, to Prototype Creature from the Black Lagoon costume pulls. The list goes on! 

So stop by and say hello, and grab a photo with Goolsby... and perhaps the lifesize Count Orlok lurking about the halls. 

For more info visit-


We're pleased to announce the Argyle Goolsby AUTUMN RITES TOUR which is set to invade the west coast this upcoming fall. Joining Goolsby will be Fitchburg, MA. troubadours Damnation, as well as a handful of special guest appearances by Phoenix, AZ's. freshly resurrected wolfskin killers Zombeast
Tickets will begin to sell this weekend, and any missing ticket links will continue to populate over next week- so stay connected to our forthcoming facebook event pages and bookmark 

All official ticket links will be found at either of those sources. 

We will also be adding a 10/30 as well as a 11/05 date within the next week as we reach confirmation on them so stay tuned! Aside form the upcoming Trioxin Tribute shows in June, these will be the only AG live dates of 2019 so dont miss it. 

Beware the autumn nights. Beware the autumn rites.

Blitzkid and Argyle Goolsby to play TRIOXIN MEMORIAL SHOW 

BLITZKID will be performing two special sets on 06/29 and 06/30 in honor of former Blitzkid member and Mister Monster mastermind, JASON TRIOXIN.

06/29 is already sold out and 06/30 is 80% sold out, so if you're game to be part of this special event you can purchase tickets HERE while they last.  Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight will be performing both nights as well, and a special Hollow Bodies performance is scheduled for 06/30.  

Saturnalia of the Accursed remastered + new cover art 

1) My first full length/collection just got a massive overhaul. All tracks have been completely re-mastered, and best of all the original vision I had for the cover has finally been actualized by Famous Monsters Magazine cover artist/Key Artist for Stan Winston- Terry Wolfinger! This version is now live all across the download/stereaming-sphere (including direct through my website), and it will be replacing all of its individual pre-collection releases over the next few days (so update your playlists, those are gonna disappear soon)!    ITUNES LINK HERE.


West Coast US tour dates announced 

Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight will be hitting the road this November once again with Santa Cruz's Stellar Corpses for 2 weeks of monster rock mayhem.  Confirmed dates are listed HERE, with more dates in the process of being confirmed.  Be sure to track us on Bandsintown to be updated with new shows as they are added.   See you this November!

UNIVERSAL MONSTOUR dates announced!  

Halloween comes early this year! 

Horrorpunk heavys ARGYLE GOOLSBY,  Canada's own Nim Vind and Germany's CRIMSON GHOSTS have just announced a list of confirmed tour dates for their upcoming "UNIVERSAL MONSTOUR" beginning in September.  The unholy alliance will be slithering their signature blends of horror and harmony across select dates throughout the wilds of both Germany and Russia with a live show not to miss!   A full list of tour dates can be found here

First live dates of 2017 announced.  

The Roving Midnight will be playing the first of our many shows in 2017 
beginning next month at:

Dingbatz (Clifton, NJ) - Feb. 24 
Shileagh (Queens, NY) - Feb. 25 
Kung Fu Necktie (Philly, PA) - Feb. 26 

More to follow.  Detailed info and ticket links can be found in the shows section of this site. 
Thanks for the support, and we look forward to seeing you! 

Argyle Goolsby West Coast US tour dates announced  

This the season! As autumn  beckons the sun lower each day, and the giggling of ghouls can be heard faintly on the chilly night air, Argyle Goolsby and The Roving Midnight will be joining forces with Santa Cruz's undead heirs to the boardwalk underworld: THE STELLAR CORPSES for a 2 week traverse through the haunted hills and valleys of the American west coast. Tour dates and tickets are listed on the shows page. Don't miss the festivities! 

Argyle Goolsby and Nim Vind Summer European Tour Dates 

Argyle Goolsby and Canada's renegades of the end times NIM VIND  will be rejoining forces this August, as both bands return to Deutschland to play The Summer Breeze open air festival in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany.  Joining also on guitar will be JACKAL from Germany's premier monster rockers The Crimson a Ghosts. This will be the second time both bands have played the acclaimed festival with such monoliths like SLAYER, Testament, Exodus, Napalm Death, Anthrax and Agnostic Front to list but a few.  Both bands will playing a few select club dates during the week leading up to the festival appearance, and those dates are listed in the shows section of the website. TIckets are on sale now so don't miss the return of the Can-Am connection this summer!


May 13th will kickoff The Roving Midnight's first European trek of 2016, with Trenton, NJ's. own: The Cryptkeeper Five joining the aural phantasmagoria!  The ghoulish 10 day jaunt across The Old World will center around A Roving Midnight appearance at the world's largest and longest running goth festival: WAVE GOTHIK TREFFEN, with a host of other hauntings across not only Germany, but Great Britain, Wales and N. Ireland as well.  We look forward to sharing these moonless spring nights ahead with you skulking graveyard ghouls!  Spread the word: Midnight approaches! 


We will be hitting the road and beginning the year's first leg of touring next month beginning Feb. 18th. This is only the first part of many more tours already being actively planned, so if we're not riding through your neck of the cemetery this go around, rest assured we'll be close very soon. Check out the dates, Mark your calendars and come spend the evening with us. We look forward to seeing you!  MIDNIGHT APPROACHES! 

European tour 2015 (with Christian Death) recap 

After a week of awesome shows, and a reunion with great friends, I'm back home in America already enjoying the memory. Hell Nights 2015 was nothing short of a success on every angle it could be measured. Thanks to the guys in Nim
Vind as well as Jackal from Crimson Ghosts for stepping up to the plate and being the solid and supportive backing band that they were. Nim Vind as well at The Other reminded me nightly why I fell in love with both bands so many years ago through shared billing on Fiend Force Records. It was also a distinct pleasure to meet and befriend all of the exceptionally talented and wonderful people in Christian Death. I could go on and on about every little detail that made this tour the amazing experience that it was, but I'll keep it simple by saying thanks to everyone involved behind the scenes and in front of the stage. Every part of
My body aches and I love it as well as worked for it. It feels great to be moving forward from
this tour into even more better days and announcements. I have all of you guys at the shows and in my corner to thank for it all. This has been a wildly eventful year, and one of the best at the same time. Hope you're all ready for a new album and lots of ensuing stage diving because 2016 is going to be LEGIT.