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New Blitzkid / Zombina & the Skeletones Split 10"! 

Blitzkid and U.K. pals Zombina & The Skeletones have teamed up to bring you this limited heart-shaped vinyl 10" featuring Blitzkid's cover of Zombina's "Tomb of the Blind Date" and Zombina's cover of Blitzkid's "Love Like Blood"!  

These songs are exclusive to this vinyl release only, and each 10" features a reverse stock matte jacket, white inner sleeve and includes a 4x6 custom Valentine's Day card.   

The "Split up!" will go on sale Friday 02/10/23 at 4 pm (EST) at and ships worldwide on 02/17/23.  

 Pressing is limited to 250 Pink units and 250 Transparent Red with Pink splatter units. All artwork by Eric Blair of The Moon Rock Collective.  

LONG LOVE THE HORROR!   -Blitzkid & ZATS...(4-ever) xoxoxo

Blitzkid's ALL HALLOW'S STRE'EM is coming to VINYL and DVD! 

Whether you missed the monster-muppet rock and roll extravaganza that was Blitzkid’s ALL HALLOW’S STE’EM, or you were there and wish to relive your daring escape- you’re in luck! 

On 01/15/21 at 3:00PM EST Blitzkid will launch a limited run of 250 DVDs of the entire performance that will include a special features photo gallery of over 100 behind the scenes photos and a bonus audio CD of the performance! (DVD is NTSC/ Region 0) . 

For those itching to trap the madness in wax, we’ve got you covered as well!  On the same date and time, Blitzkid will simultaneously release a limited run of 250 double LPs of the show- available in 2 color configurations (featuring an exclusive silkscreen logo print on Side D) and housed in a sleek, reverse stock gatefold jacket! 

Both of these items will move FAST, so dont miss them! 


Finally- If you’re alarm is set, but you’re still biting your nails to hear it- you can head to  (or CLICK HERE) now and download the entire album in either wav or FLAC, and be  automatically entered to win a DVD and Vinyl bundle signed by the entire band! 

Blitzkid will draw the winner live on 01/28/21, and contest entries end 01/25/21.  The digital download includes a 90 page booklet featuring an array of behind the scenes photos from the performance. 

(DVDs and Vinyls will ship out the third week of February)!

Argyle GOolsby- NOSFERATU (Digital Preorder)! 

In conjunction with the upcoming Premiere & DVD/CD release of Argyle Goolsby's new musical score for NOSFERATU on Halloween Night- ACWNN is conducting a preorder for the digital format for the score HERE.     

The 23 songs that comprise the score will ultimately be available on Spotify as well as all other digital download/streaming platforms, but all preorders made through ACWNN Prod come with exclusive downloadable alternate album art and is also available in FLAC format. 

Physical copies of the CD will be included as a bonus disc to the DVD package being released at  (8pm EST) Halloween night.  



Argyle Goolsby- NOSFERATU (Sneak Preview)! 

To usher in the PREMIERE of Argyle Goolsby's musical score for the classic 1922 chiller NOSFERATU, we're sharing a sneak preview of the film with an excerpt of the new score exclusively at the ACWNN YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  Click HERE to check it out and be sure to tune in on Halloween night.  DVD (with bonus CD will be released  at 8pm (EST) 10/31 at  LONG LIVE THE HORROR! 


Nosferatu- A Vrtual Seance!  


Join Argyle Goolsby and film historian Cortlandt Hull as 
they premiere "Nosferatu: A Cinematic Séance".  this upcoming Hallowe'en Night!  

This virtual screening of FW Murnau's seminal 1922 horror classic- (transferred directly from Hull's 16mm. Museum of Modern Art archive print) will be presented with a newly composed musical score and titlecard artwork by Argyle Goolsby.  Tickets go on sale HERE on 08/24/20 (3pm Eastern).  Screening will take place live at 7pm eastern 10/31/20, however links are good for 24 hours past that- so if you cant attend the live premiere you can access it anytime within 24 hours from its premiere. 

Immediately following the premiere, it will be released on DVD format which will also include a bonus audio CD of Goolsby's musical score via links provided directly after the screening.

Dont forget to check out Blitzkid's virtual Hallowe'en performance- "ALL HALLOW'S STRE'EM" happening later the same night (9pm eastern) via the same platform! Tickets for this event will be available the same time/same place as The Cinematic Seance tickets go live (8/24/20 - 3pm eastern).  





HOLLOW BODIES is officially a release! 

You can download/stream it on all digital platforms, however we suggest you download it directly from our website HERE, as this download comes with all album art as well as all metadata and ID3 tags necessary to file it into your iTunes library.  

Vinyls are sold out, but limited CD copies are available HERE.

The entire album is also streaming over at our YOUTUBE channel HERE.

Thanks to everyone who made this album possible. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. 

May it haunt you for years to come.   ps.....share it!



ACOUSTIC ALBUM coming soon! 

HOLLOW BODEIS- The full band ACOUSTIC studio renditions of 11 Argyle Goolsby songs is coming soon to CD digipack and the majesty of Arsenic Green Vinyl.  Sign up for our mailing list for preorder information.  


Saturnalia of the Accursed remastered + new cover art 

1) My first full length/collection just got a massive overhaul. All tracks have been completely re-mastered, and best of all the original vision I had for the cover has finally been actualized by Famous Monsters Magazine cover artist/Key Artist for Stan Winston- Terry Wolfinger! This version is now live all across the download/stereaming-sphere (including direct through my website), and it will be replacing all of its individual pre-collection releases over the next few days (so update your playlists, those are gonna disappear soon)!    ITUNES LINK HERE.


SECOND PRESSING LP of Darken Your Doorstep now available.  

This just in! The second pressing LP of "Darken Your Doorstep" is now in house, and will be going liv on the ACWNN store today at 5pm. (eastern standard time).  It comes in an amalgam of 'Gate Rust Bronze + Powdered Bone".  Side A features more Bronze and Side B more Bone.  Pictures do not do its' pearly appearance justice.  It comes with a 2 panel full color insert, black sleeves, a download link and deluxe debossed jacket artwork.  More item info, and purchase link can be found here.   Thanks for all of your support! Off to Europe now. (Dates here). 

Argyle Goolsby teams with Germany's RING OF FIRE RECORDS for a EUROPEAN release of "Darken Your Doorstep". 

Argyle Goolsby has teamed up with Germany's Ring of Fire Records, Broken Silence Distribution and Sub Sounds to bring you a  European edition of  the  "Darken Your Doorstep" album. It will be officially released on Sept. 29, 2017, and is available for preporder in both LP and CD form HERE.  The album will also be available for purchase or special order through all retail outlets and chains across the world (minus North America) through Broken Silence.  Long Live The Horror!

Darken Your Doorstep releases today! 

My new album- DARKEN YOUR DOORSTEP IS OUT. It's alive. It's in the ether. It's waiting to creep into your ear canals. Digital,downloads can be previewed and found at: and physical formats can be picked up at It should finish populating across all major streaming and download platforms today. Each song is uploaded to my YouTube channel, as is the entire album which features scrolling behind the scenes footag...e of the album's recording process. This is located at: (be sure to subscribe!) Go check it out and stay out from behind the wheel. It's been speeding ticket approved. Thanks to Barb Dman and Sascha S. Goldbach for the photo which was taken in conjunction for track #4 on the album (an homage to the lost boys) "Blood Cave". I've got a huge list of thanks in order and tons of track info to share with you all over the coming weeks but for now: They're only noodles do they taste?

Special Guest Appearance by COFFIN JOE on Darken Your Doorstep! 

Legendary Brazilian horror movie actor/director Coffin Joe (zé do caixão) will be making a guest appearance/performance on the new
Argyle Goolsby album- Darken Your Doorstep.  He provided an incredible spoken work/performance over the music in the album's
first track- "Midnight Approaches".  I'm very excited and honored to have him on board! Preorders are live now at


The new upcoming album which will be titled "Darken Your Doorstep" will be available for preorder order very soon! 
For updates on this, release dates and more please subscribe to our mailing list on the homepage. Midnight Approaches...